The Coming of Christ's Kingdom:

The End-Times and the Triumph of the Gospel

An Eschatology Bible Study

By Mike Warren

The picture above is a woodcut by Hans Burgkmair the elder (d.1531).  It appeared in several editions of Martin Luther's New Testament printed in 1523 and 1524.  It depicts the scene described in the Book of Revelation, chapter 19. In modern times this chapter has often been interpreted as a description of the Second Coming of Christ. For reasons given in the Bible Study (see Sect. III, here), this interpretation is mistaken.  The cheesy speech bubbles contain quotes from Acts 2:37-39. The quotes illustrate my interpretation of Revelation 19, that it depicts the spread and triumph of the Gospel that began when Christ ascended to the right hand of the Father and that continues until the time of the Second Coming and Last Judgment.

Copyright 2010 Michael H. Warren, Jr.



". . . [T]o the five billion people alive today who will perish for all eternity, one by one, over the next 80 years, unless:  (1) the Holy Spirit makes an historically unprecedented positive move; and (2) the Church of Jesus Christ at long last begins to get its act together.  The exponential curve of souls has now appeared.  Either heaven  starts to fill up in earnest or hell does."


"What is the biggest problem facing the world today?  Is it the weather? Are we facing a new ice age?  (Oops. Sorry. Scratch that.  That was the 1973's looming apocalypse. I meant global warming!)  Is it that burning fossil fuels creates the greenhouse effect?  . . . Is it the hole in the ozone layer?  Is it acid rain?  Is it the proliferation of nuclear weapons?  Is it chemical and biological warfare?  Is it international terrorism?  Is it AIDS?  Is it abortion?"

". . . The biggest problem facing the world is that the vast majority of the people in this world are headed straight to hell."


  Gary North, Millennialism and Social Theory




Table of Contents


Section I: Introduction to the Four Views

Millennium Diagrams

Important Terms

Why is Eschatology Important?

Four Different Views Compared

More on Dispensationalism



Historic Premillennial

Two Other Rapture Views

The Interpretation of Scripture and Prophecy


Section II: The Victory Theme in Scripture

The Promise of World-Wide Gospel Dominion

Jesus is King Now

The Coming of the Kingdom

Jesus has begun the New Creation

The Millennium and God's Law

Defeated 'Til Christ Comes? Why Amillennialism is Wrong


Section III: The Great Tribulation: Jerusalem A.D. 70

The Great Tribulation

The Last Days

A 1st Century Coming

Matthew 24

Historical Witness of God's Vengeance Against Israel


The Resurrection Question

The Man of Lawlessness: 2 Thessalonians 2

2 Peter 3

Prophecies of Daniel Diagramed - With No Gaps! 

Ezekiel 38 & 39

Some miscellaneous notes to readers:

1.   This is a loooong bible study.  I would be surprised if many people will go through the whole thing, except a few people obsessed with eschatology.  You may find certain lists of verses or particular diagrams useful for a bible study or lecture.  Permission is granted to reproduce portions of this bible study, so long as is listed as the source.

2.    The Endnotes contain a large amount of reference material from the preterist, postmillennial perspective, but for an even longer list, I recommend


    Focus Questions

square03_red.gif  Left Behind?  Rejoice!

square03_red.gif  Is Converting the Earth's Kingdoms a Satanic Deception?

square03_red.gif  God's Kingdom Not In This World?

square03_red.gif  Does Leaven Always Represent Evil?

square03_red.gif Do Gates Attack?

square03_red.gif  How to Conquer the World: Revolution or Regeneration?

square03_red.gif  What is Our Goal Before Christ Returns:  Preach to all Nations or Disciple all Nations?  

square03_red.gif  If most of Revelation has been fulfilled, what use is it to us now?  

square03_red.gif  The Top Ten Reasons Why the Pre-mil Rapture is Wrong

square03_red.gif  Who is the Antichrist? 

square03_red.gif  Could Christ Return At Any Moment?

square03_red.gif  Where are Mount Zion and the Heavenly Jerusalem? 

square03_red.gif  Do you live by the Great Fear or the Great Faith? 

square03_red.gif  Who Owns the Earth: God or Satan? 

square03_red.gif  Will the Real Pro-Jewish Position Please Stand Up?